US Army 1944: Les Marques Des Vehicules par Jean Bouchery

September 17, 2019

US Army 1944: Les Marques Des Vehicules par Jean Bouchery

Titre de livre: US Army 1944: Les Marques Des Vehicules

Auteur: Jean Bouchery

Date de sortie: January 19, 2018

ISBN: 2352503892

Éditeur: Histoire & Collections

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Text in French: The correct markings for American trucks, cars and AFVs in World War Two has always been a delicate topic, as it is closely linked to the organization of US Forces. This guide is laid out as a simple and foolproof aid for military vehicle enthusiasts and modelers, to help them apply appropriate period markings to their accurately restored vehicle, or scale model. After a description of the vehicle and AFV types produced by the Arsenal of Democracy which are to be found in most MV collections today, several chapters, heavily illustrated with period photos and color plates, provide hundreds of examples of actual markings. On the basis of official tables of organization and equipment, the book will help determine which kind of vehicle could be found in which type of unit, and which were the national markings and unit markings applied. New information about the elusive D-Day bar codes is brought to light, as well as Air Forces markings and a summary on camouflage. An annex details the several combat vehicle variants which were supplied only to the Allies under Lend-Lease and were not issued to US Army units in NW Europe. A must-have which will appeal by its simplicity and usefulness to collectors and modelers.